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This is a subsidiary of Braingrace Consult that deals with ambulance design, fabrication, sales and maintenance. We design and fabricate ambulances according to specifications given to us by our clientele. We have experienced technicians, engineers and relevant manpower at our disposal who work with speed and precision thereby leading to production of purpose-built ambulances to client’s need and budget while meeting up with delivery date. We also major in the maintenance of ambulances across all hospitals and healthcare centres nationwide. We have a track record of success which is evident in customers’ satisfaction and overall increase in customer base.

braingrace fabrication

We offer the Best Design and Fabrication !

We have experienced technicians and engineers that design, redesign, and fabricate Ambulances.

Qualified Technician

We have experienced and qualified Technicians to aid swift design and fabrication of Ambulance.

Best Affordable Price

We offer the best designs and fabrication at best price..


Are You Looking To Book A Ambulance?

We help you around the clock 24 hours a day and organize your evacuation by ambulance with experienced medical teams on board at an affordable cost.


Looking For The Best Ambulance Sales and Maintenance Services ?

We offer the best Ambulance Sales and Maintenance Services at an affordable cost. We have certified experts and technicians who design and fabricate ambulances to ensure quality sales as always.


Our Customer Reviews

Dr Arikawe


I need to move a patient urgently to UK and all air ambulance company declined to move the patient because his condition was said to be unstable. Someone however introduced Braingrace to us and they promised to move the patient within 24 hours. I was so impressed because of their Proactiveness, Efficiency and Professionalism. The patient in question arrived UK safely and treatment commenced accordingly. With Braingrace you have Value for your money. 

Mrs Okochi Tina


Braingrace Ambulance Service I will describe as exceptional. They operate with highly qualified staff ranging from their drivers to their medical personnel. On 7th of August 2020, my son fell from a storey building and became unconscious. My health insurance (THT Liberty Blue) contacted Braingrace ambulance who immediately evacuated my son to a diagnostic centre for urgent Brain CT scan before moving him to the specialist hospital where he was treated. I appreciated their time management despite the heavy traffic on a Friday in Lagos. Thank you for saving the life of my son.

Dara, Wings of Rescue Limited


BrainGrace Group is a place that promotes inclusion, diversity, expertise, progressive partnership, flexibility, innovation, collaboration, client focus and so much more. It has been an exciting journey of almost a decade working with an astute company to deliver Air and Ground Ambulance services in Nigeria, with a management team of dedicated men and women. BrainGrace group is never complacent, but always seeking for ways to serve better.

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Get Discount On Any of Our Services !

Get discount on any of our services as a new customer. Our services include booking, designing, fabricating, and maintaining Ambulances. We also offer Repatriation & Funeral Services at an affordable cost.


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